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Welcome to the SmartClip app (herein: App), operated by SmartClip, reg. no. 040442279 (herein: App Operator).

App Operator respects the privacy of users on the App it manages and operates. The terms herein outlines, inter alia, the policies of App Operator concerning privacy protection. App Operator hereby commits to the User to observe and comply with this policy.

The purpose of the policy is to specify the practices of App Operator with relation to user privacy and how App Operator uses the information provided by the App users or collected by App Operator in the course of using the App.

Use of the App constitutes your consent to the terms herein.

The terms herein are applicable to any use of the App and the services included therein, via any communication device (e.g., mobile phone, PDA, etc.). Furthermore, they apply to any use of the App, whether via the internet or any other network or means of communication.

  1. App Registration and Provision of Details as Precondition of Use

    1. The Client may use the App upon receiving an SMS or WhatsApp message with a download URL. The following details will be requested: first name, last name, email address, and phone number for verification code.

    2. The Participant may use the App after receiving an SMS or WhatsApp message with a download URL. The following details will be requested: first name, last name, email address, and phone number for verification code.

    3. Following registration, the system will require the User to verify registration using a code sent via SMS message or other means of communication, at App Operator’s discretion from time to time.

    4. You must provide correct, accurate, and complete details only, and you hereby confirm the integrity of the details you provided. The data you provided will be stored by the company. Incorrect and/or incomplete details may preclude you from using the App services.

  2. Permissions List

    1. We collect data from or on computers, phones, or other devices on which you install or through which you access the App services, according to the permissions granted.

    2. We may associate the details we collect from your different devices, which would help us provide you with consistent services in all devices. The following are but a few examples of the data we collect on devices:
      Properties such as operating system, hardware version, device settings, names and types of files and programs, battery power, broadcasting signal, and device identifiers.

    3. Device locations, including specific geographic locations, e.g., using GPS, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi.

    4. Connection details, e.g., name of cellular operator or ISP, browser type, language and time zone, mobile phone number, and IP address.

    5. The User declares that by downloading the App, they grant the App access permissions to the following data on their end device:

      * Reading text messages (SMS and MMS).
      * Microphone access.
      * Access to the device’s Wi-Fi.
      * Camera and gallery access.
      * Reading phone status and identity.
      * Reading contact list.
      * Changing system settings.
      (Herein: Permissions List)


  3. App Data Security

    1. App Operator ensures to respect user privacy and uses security systems to secure the data provided by them. Despite the data security efforts, there is no absolute certainty that the data will not be exposed in case of a breach into the App system or servers.

    2. The User agrees that App Operator shall bear no liability for the data exposure in any case of a breach into the App system or services, including data provided as a result of the Permissions List, and the User waives any demand, claim, or argument against the company in such relation.

  4. Database and Use of Information by App Operator

    1. App Operator may store data provided by the User in its databases.

    2. The data collected will be stored in App Operator’s database and under its responsibility.

    3. App Operator may use the data subject to this Privacy Policy, or pursuant to the provisions of any law.

    4. Use of the information collected will be done for the purpose of providing the services requested by the user, including and for the purpose of: allowing use of various App services, improve and expand the services and contents offered on the App, and change or terminate existing contents and services.

  5. Direct Mailing

    1. App Operator may send the Client and App Users (herein: Participants), via the means of communication at its disposal, including email and/or SMS message and/or push-notifications, information about its services, including marketing and advertising information. Such information will be sent to the User, according to the law, insofar as the User gave specific consent. Such consent may be revoked by the User at any time.

    2. The Client/Participant hereby agrees and confirms that they shall have no suit or argument against App Operator with relation to the use of their details, as aforesaid hereinabove.

  6. Contents to be Provided by User

    1. Upon provision of contents by users for publication, you hereby declare and confirm that you are not infringing on the privacy of another person.

  7. Provision of Data to Third Party

    1. App Operator may permit access to data in databases and/or forward data to any third party, according to the type of services and/or orders as aforesaid, and also for the purposes of operating, developing, and improving the App and its services.

    2. Pursuant to the 1981 Privacy Protection Law, every person is entitled to view the data stored on them in database. A person who viewed the data on them and deemed it incorrect, incomplete, unclear or outdated, may contact the database owner with a request to amend the data or erase, as applicable.

    3. Furthermore, App Operator shall not provide your personal details or the data collected about your site activity to third parties, unless:

      * In case of breaching the website’s Terms of Use.
      * Insofar as you take illegal actions on the website.
      * Insofar as a judicial order is issued, ordering the provision of your details or information about you to a third party.
      * Insofar as the website operator sells or transfers, in any form whatsoever, the operations of the websites to any corporation – and in case of a merger with another entity or merger of the operations of the websites with that of a third party, provided that such corporation undertakes toward you according to the provisions of this Privacy Policy.


  8. Cookies

    1. The User acknowledges App Operator’s use of Cookies for the regular and proper operation of the App, including for the purpose of collecting statistical data on the use thereof, verification of details, App customization, and data security.

    2. It is possible that some of the ads you are viewing upon visiting the apps originate in third-party servers, which manage App’s ad platform.

    3. Ad management requires such companies to place Cookies in your device and Web Beacons in the ads (herein: Cookies). Web Beacons are tiny graphic files with a unique identifier that are placed in webpages to assist in collecting data on browsing and use, and audience data (e.g., age, gender, interests) generated from Google’s interest-based advertising or other advertisers using a Google Analytics code. The collected data does not identify you, but rather seeks to customize the ads presented to your fields of interest.

    4. The use made of Cookies and Web Beacons by such companies is subject to their privacy policy and not that App’s Privacy Policy.

    5. The data contained in the Cookies pertains, inter alia, to pages you visited, websites that redirected you to the websites you are browsing, browsing duration. If you are not interested in Cookies being placed, you may cancel them by changing your browser settings (use the browser’s help file).

    6. Furthermore, you may erase the Cookies from your computer and device at any moment. Note that you should only do so if you are convinced that you do not want to customize the website ads to your preferences.

  9. Changes to Privacy Policy:

    1. App Operator reserves the right to amend the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy from time to time, without being required to give notice beyond publishing an updated version on the App.

  10. Contact

    1. We welcome users to contact us with any inquiry about the App or the terms of its Privacy Policy, with all details mentioned, and we guarantee to handle your inquiries swiftly and efficiently. Contact us by email: contact@smartclip.co.il.